La Cuisine Française Régionale

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Les indications:

You will be creating a wiki page about your region.
It should include the following:

  • Information about the geography of the region and how that affects the regional cuisine
  • Description of the general types of regional cuisine
  • Examples of several dishes
  • Video podcast created by you that describes how to cook the dish of your choice
  • At least one other audio or video that describes your region
  • 4 images, at least one being a map
  • 2 authentic French links describing the region or its cuisine
  • A works cited must be included at the bottom of the page for all information and images

Podcast Rubric:

To make a podcast: some websites and instructions
Pod-o-matic: use the Pod-o-matic website to upload your podcast. Then you can link it to the wiki or embed it.
ITunes instructions:
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